Juvies / Turtle / Nicholas / Wilson / Tamarind / Inglis / South Button Island

Aqua Nomad, a Scuba Diving Centre, creates somewhere between the infinite beginnings of a soul that continues to evolve from within its layers of passion, liberation and innovation discovered underwater.

Introducing with a bang, the very first MS Certified, Pleasure Craft Class-III Boat in Andaman Islands, certified to travel up to 12NM from Havelock bringing the unbelievably breath taking beautiful islands within the reach of the tourists. Come grab the Exclusive Nomad Exploration Package and experience the best of corals and marine life plus the ultimate peace and vibrant colours of sun and sea at your leisure.

Nomad Exploration Package takes you closer to islands for out of the world snorkelling experience.

Juvies is covered with bright corals and schools of juvenile fishes (as the name suggests), known for crystal clear water around it. Tamarind offers the breath taking pink gorgonian scenery and is surrounded by schools of Cardinal Fish, Lion Fish, Pipe Fish, Ghost Pipefish, Seawasp, and Octopuses. Close to full moon one can hear the crunching noise of the school of Humphead Parrotfish approaching to munch on the coral. It is one of the most amazing site for snorkelers.

While, Inglis Island is the tropical island of your dreams complete with cobalt water, lush rainforests, white powder beach and shimmering gates of coral, South Button is the host to schooling slapper, surge on fish, barracuda and Napoleon Wrasse to name a few that awaits the excited snorkelers.

Nicolas and Wilson Island Package is designed to make one feel beneath the surface nirvana on the surface. One loves the water and the tranquillity that these magical, untouched, barely explored, pristine islands offer.

We celebrate individuality keeping our values in the ardent centre. Your experience is our incentive with safety being the end goal. The abundance of water doesn’t ensure you breathing the best of it. We ensure you dive into the most of your time of life.

Nomad Exploration Package (boat charter with 12 pax max)
  • Juvies or Turtle Island (2 hours package): Rs.45,000.00 + GST
  • Nicholas and Wilson Island or Juvies and Tamarind (4 hours package): Rs.65,000.00 + GST
  • Inglis or South Button Island (6 hours package): Rs.80,000.00 + GST
Nomad Exploration inclusions:
  • Snorkeling en route the islands
  • Havelock sunset on boat (time permitting)
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Goodies bag with Snacks & Bottled water
  • Experienced dive professional on boat
  • Towel Set/ Fresh Water Shower
  • Change room/ Private rest room

We look forward to exploring Adamans with you.