The Rescue Dive Course is challenging but rewarding, and at the end, you shall be filled with confidence in your new found skills.

In 3 days, you shall learn how to react to scenarios including panicked diver unconscious diver and unresponsive diver as well as how to administer rescue breaths to the non-breathing diver in the water.

During the course, you shall learn to become a better buddy and shall become a more confident diver knowing you can help others, if needed.

You may even save a life one day.

The prerequisites include CPR and First Aid Training.


This one day course is a prerequisite course for the Rescue Diver Course and is based on Internationally recognised medical guidelines for emergency care.

This course teaches you CPR and first aid for adults, children and Infants. You learn how to respond to medical emergencies of all kinds. The participants learn simple to follow steps for emergency care.

The course is supported by self-study manuals, videos and quick reference cards to enhance learning.


The EFR course can be combined with the Rescue Diver as a combo course.