In case you are an Open Water Diver, you can take up Advanced Open Water Course. The PADI Advanced Open Water Course enables you to dive up to 30 meters and explore the beautiful dives that you have been missing out on. This course focuses more on in-water training and does not require any exam. The course has five dives including a deep and navigation dive, which is mandatory. However, you can choose rest of the dives from many options including:

  • Underwater Photography
  • Wreck
  • Buoyancy
  • Night Dive....and many more
Day 01: Dive 1 and 2

Time for taking your explorations in waters forward as you would complete your Dive 1 and 2.

Thereafter, you may spend the rest of your day enjoying cycle trekking or kayaking. Havelock Island has the best beach roads and jungles for a refreshing and adrenaline-inducing cycle trekking sesh.

Day 02: Dive 3 and 4

As the journey gets larger, the discoveries through it deepen. Indeed, plunge into the ocean and complete your dive 3 and 4.

Afterwards, you can make the best use of the rest of your day by heading out to Kala Patthar beach. This is a small yet stunningly beautiful beach, courtesy its golden sand beds and clear blue waters. It is perfect spot for just sitting back and chilling for as long as you wish.

Day 03: Dive 5

The last lap, with pride, waves at you!

After you complete your last dive, you may opt for a fun dive and transform the ending into a beautifully relaxing beginning.

Later in the evening enjoy at Radha Nagar beach. It, being one of the most beautiful beaches of Asia, is an award winning beach that boasts of stunning natural beauty. Let yourself celebrate peace on the white sands facing the turquoise blue waters.

We look forward to exploring with you soon..!!